Best Online Bachelor's in Psychology Degree Programs 2018

Psychology is one such course which tempts very few people in terms of a career choice. However, off late students are wandering around to learn and do something new which is not common to do. Unlike the Bachelor’s degree where usually students are placed in jobs with an average salary, pursuing a degree in psychology does not give too many opportunities to students as compared to those who have completed masters or doctorate in psychology. Al though the career options are quite limited in this field, an undergraduate education in psychology helps students to develop skills required for various other fields and one’s life. Having knowledge to study and understand human brain and behaviour will enable students to excel in varied fields. It will also enable students to clearly understand what is good and what is bad so as to take the right decisions in life and not just career. The top most positions in the management is more about analysing and understanding the behaviour, intentions, problems if any and contributions of employees. Apart from the management, even the external parties of management like Auditors essence of work is more to deal with people in and outside the organisation. For example, A Chartered accountant who has visited his client to conduct an internal audit, other than only checking the books of accounts, documents, vouchers etc.  the essence of auditor is more about analysing people in the organisation, understanding their intentions, determining the possibility of frauds, analysing responses to enquiries by the auditor etc. With the increasing cases of depression, anxiety and other mental disorders Counsellors whether at education institutions or corporates are playing a vital role to improve the mental state of humans and give a peaceful life. If one is having good communication and writing skills and interest to write, one can also tend to become writers in this field about psychology by writing articles or journals in magazines or books about importance of mental health. Those who like the teaching profession, who wilfully want to share their knowledge to the world can also join as teachers or lecturers in schools and colleges. Being a teacher or lecturer is not just about teaching but also knowing and understanding the student’s psychology. Interested Individuals are also having a scope to contribute in Non-Profit organisations and NGO’s by providing teaching, counselling and other possible services to the client where, the client is not a profit making organisation. Thus, the top most professions also needs a basic understanding of the human behaviour and mind. Directly it might not be required but indirectly it helps many professionals in many ways and makes their life and career a bit easy. Some examples are now clear that there are many good opportunities to make career in psychology for those who are interested to do so. Coming to Online Bachelor’s degree in psychology will enable students to get underpinned knowledge about the human behaviour in terms of physical, mental and emotional levels. The skills acquired through this degree can be applied in various industries practically depending on the choice made by individual as to which field he/she wants to get into. Generally, students taking up this online course end up making their career in marketing, teaching, social cause, human resource etc. The online bachelor’s degree in psychology is very affordable like many other online courses offered by various universities all over the world. But we would want you to choose the best of all the universities. Here are the top ten Universities offering online bachelor’s degree in psychology along with all the details you would require to take a decision.

1. University of Florida

Best Online Bachelor's in Psychology Degree Programs - 1 The University of Florida which is situated at Gainesville, Florida offers highly excellent and affordable online bachelor’s degree courses. The UF tends to provide approximately more than 500 courses- 19 in major field and 5 in the minor field. The best part about the online course is that the quality remains the same as the residential courses but the cost gets remarkably lower. The 2nd best point about the online course offered is it enables students all over the world to have access to the same course at same cost and same quality. Isn’t that really cool? UF offers BA in psychology which then enables students to enter into graduation either in psychology itself or in other possible fields like Law, Auditing, teaching etc. The UF has developed a new program called PaCE which shall allow students to have access to pathway for online freshmen to transfer into the on-campus program. This will thus, provide all the perks to the students pursuing online course without any additional responsibility in terms of cost and other things like shifting from one place to another. The University of Florida is a 120-credit hour programme that provides study and expertise in five major areas along with some electives which are as follows:
  • Social Psychology
  • Developmental psychology
  • Behavioural and cognitive neuroscience
  • Counselling psychology
  • Behaviour analysis
Students are also required to compulsorily take a course on laboratory methods in psychology. Out of the 120-credit hour course, 30 hours are about psychology and students ought to involve in at least 18 hours of these 30 hours at this university. However, the remaining hours may be transferred to another accredited university. The University of Florida is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges. Programme: Bachelor’s of Degree in psychology online Accrediting Body: Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges Tuition Fees:
  • In State Fees- $3358
  • Out of State fees- $15000

2. University of Central Florida

Best Online Bachelor's in Psychology Degree Programs - 2 The University of Central Florida which is situated at Orlando campus offers online courses making online degree in psychology most affordable to pursue. This university aims to prepare students taking up the online bachelor’s degree in psychology as counsellors, administrators and mental healthcare providers. This University charges the same tuition fees for both residents as well as non-resident students. However, the tuition fees charged by the UCF is less as compared to fees charged by any other schools and universities located at Orlando. Students are having the option to complete the course online or take 2 years and finish it regularly. Applicants must have at least 2.0 GPA from the last school they attended. Further, those students who are residing in Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota and Oregon are not eligible to apply for any online courses provided by the University of Central Florida. The course here is a 31-hours of credit course which can be divided as follows: 12 credit hours electives 6 credit hours-Math and Science along with a foreign language The areas students are expected to excel in this course are:
  • Clinical psychology
  • Industrial psychology
  • Human factors psychology
  • Neuroscience
  • Experimental psychology
  • General psychology
Programme: Bachelors of Degree in psychology online Accrediting Body: Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges Tuition Fees:
  • In State Fees- $4478
  • Out of State fees- $19810

3. Washington State University

Best Online Bachelor's in Psychology Degree Programs - 3 The Washington State University situated at Pullman campus, Washington provides online bachelor’s degree in psychology. This school provides a 2-year degree in order to bridge up the gap between associate degree and bachelor’s degree. Students who are willing to pursue this course online can do that as well but they need to determine whether they would transfer their associate degree. The students who took up online course at the WSU can connect to their peer and teachers on a daily basis through live chats, group chats, video conferencing etc. The WSU itself has a team which designs programmes and ways to keep connected to students studying online courses to make it more effective. Washington residents are charged a lower tuition fees as compared to those who are not residents of Washington. Further, the good part is that all online students at the WSU are eligible for scholarships and financial support if they meet the requirements to achieve the same. The areas students are expected to excel in this course are:
  • Neuroscience cognition
  • Social motivation
  • Clinical Counselling
The students must also take an elective course based on general psychology, a foreign language and a compulsory lab test. Programme: Bachelors of Degree in psychology online Accrediting Body: Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities Tuition Fees:
  • In State Fees- $10874
  • Out of State fees- $23956

4. Oregon State University

Best Online Bachelor's in Psychology Degree Programs - 4 The Oregon University is situated at Corvallis which is the Pacific Northwest town. The university offers affordable degree to students at reasonable fees which is same for all irrespective of whether they are residents or not. This university provides two different options for degree which are fully online.
  • BA in Psychology
  • BS in psychology
The university is providing free access to digital support services to all the students irrespective of their locations. These services include career guidance, constant tutoring, counselling, information library etc. Once online student’s application is confirmed regarding their admission in this course, the instructions and guidance will be given by an online advisor through the school’s E-portal. But those students who are living in and around Portland, can attend face-to-face sessions, guest lectures and attend workshops held under the brand-new Satellite in Pioneer square. The students who have enrolled for online degree in psychology must take 180 credits which is equivalent to 120 semester hours. The areas needed to be covered are as follows:
  • Baccalaureate core- 48 credit
  • Liberal arts core- 15 credit
  • BA-BS requirements 15-24 credit
  • Psychology major requirements 65 credit
Balance- Electives including human lifespan development, health psychology and consciousness Programme: Bachelors of Degree and Bachelors of Science  in psychology online Accrediting Body: Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities Tuition Fees:
  • In State Fees- $6975
  • Out of State fees- $22,200

5. Northeastern University

Best Online Bachelor's in Psychology Degree Programs - 5 Founded in Boston, Massachusetts, Northeastern University offers more than 50 online degrees, including an online accredited psychology degree. All students, along with distance learners earning their BS in psychology, must finish the university’s NUpath needs — a set of 10 general-education competencies designed to generate successful, globally-minded students. The competencies involve writing across audiences and genres, examine and using data, and interpreting culture. While students must complete all competencies, some courses count toward multiple competencies. Applicants finish 31 credits of major coursework in departments like the social sciences, mathematics, information technology, biology, and management. The online degree in psychology needs 21 credits in the major. These credit hours consists courses in human behaviour, perception and development, research, and a capstone project. Human behaviour courses involve abnormal psychology, social psychology, and human behaviour in the social environment. Courses in perception and development include cognition and language, sensation and perception, and development over the lifespan. Students also take 15 hours of major-related electives and fill the remaining credit needs with electives. Students can apply in the fall, spring, or summer semester. Even though the school welcomes transfer students, students earning their online bachelor’s in psychology must earn a less of 60 credit hours from Northeastern University. Accreditation: New England Association of Schools and Colleges, Inc. Tuition fees:
  • Undergraduate tuition — $796 to $1,518
  • Graduate tuition — $1,095 to $1,665
Ranking: Northeastern University ranks 3 among The 50 Best Online Bachelor’s in Psychology Degree Programs

6. University of Memphis

Best Online Bachelor's in Psychology Degree Programs - 6 Established in Tennessee, the University of Memphis Global provides greater than 60 distance programs, including a cheap, fully online BA in psychology. The online psychology degree needs 120 credits of coursework consisting of 41 hours of general education essentials, six-to-nine hours of college and bachelor of arts requirements, 35 psychology major requirements, and electives. For the major, applicants must take at least one course from each of the following areas: the cognitive and neuro-scientific basis of behavior, applications of behavior, and the social and developmental basis of behavior. Students then spend 24 credits focusing in either general psychology, behavioural neuroscience, or cognitive science. Students also take two labs in either social psychology, health psychology, or alcohol/drugs/behavior - — taking a psychology field test while their senior year. The school features two degree pathways — a before Learning Assessment (PLA) and a Finish Line Program — that aid non-traditional or returning students get their degree. Exploring the school’s PLA, students describe how their experiences and certifications outside of academia translate into experiential learning credits. Students can get credit through an exam or by having their portfolio reviewed for relevant experiences, like military training, licensure, and credentials. The Finish Line Program offers a way to graduation for getting back University of Memphis students who left their studies because of financial, professional, or personal reasons. Accreditation: Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. Ranking: University of Memphis–UM Online ranks 4 among The 50 Best Online Bachelor’s in Psychology Degree Programs

7. Letourneau University

Best Online Bachelor's in Psychology Degree Programs - 7 LeTourneau University (LETU) provides several online programs, have an online bachelor’s degree in psychology. The program features a speed course format that permits distance learners to get their degree faster than they would in a face-to-face program. The online psychology degree develops students to pursue careers in psychology, social work, counseling, Christian education, and ministry. The program also makes students for graduate programs in psychology, counseling, and family therapy. Students getting their online bachelor’s degree in psychology having 120 semester hours of coursework, involving 42 hours in major coursework, 50 hours in general education coursework, 12 hours in theology and vocational coursework, and 16 hours in general elective course job. Major courses go through subjects like personality theory, social psychology, and human growth and development. Courses in the theology and vocational need involve biblical literature and biblical theology for the Christian life. General electives, LETU encourages students desired in careers in marriage and family therapy or professional counselling to take elective psychology courses like child and adolescent interventions, marriage and the family, and group therapy. As a Christian-based institution, the school’s online degree in psychology stresses Christian counselling reaches and delivers a faith-centered curriculum. Accreditation: Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges. Ranking: Ranks 5 among The 50 Best Online Bachelor’s in Psychology Degree Programs

8. University of North Dakota

Best Online Bachelor's in Psychology Degree Programs - 8 Situated in the town of Grand Forks, the University of North Dakota delivers greater than 50 online programs. Online learners at UND pay equal tuition fees as in-state students, making the school’s online BA in psychology one of the affordable online psychology degrees available. Distance students start their studies in the fall, spring, or summer. The online psychology degree comprises of fully-online coursework. Online learners connect through virtual classrooms and take part in occasional live web discussions. They also look pre-recorded lectures and access coursework and learning materials through the Blackboard LMS. UND aids online students in different ways, including online suggesting, a digital library, tech support and online tutors. Students commonly finish 125 credits of coursework in four years. Additionally to the school’s essential studies needs, the online psychology degree requires 36 hours of major coursework, second-level expertize in a foreign language, and two science labs. Essential major courses explore topics like perception, professional development and ethics, and diversity psychology. Psychology students also finish two credits of an applied experience, like volunteering, working, assistant-teaching, or training in the field. Accreditation: Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. Ranking: Ranks 6 among The 50 Best Online Bachelor’s in Psychology Degree Programs.

9. University of Massachusetts Lowell

Best Online Bachelor's in Psychology Degree Programs - 9 Mass Lowell’s online well recognized psychology degree focuses working professionals and accommodates students who have desire to study fully online or integrate online, face-to-face, or mixed coursework in their studies. Distance learners avail coursework through the Blackboard LMS, the school’s online learning platform. Desired students can preview what an online course will see at UMass Lowell through Blackboard. The school provides online courses in the fall, spring, and summer, permitting online students to study year-round. The school also gives online students availability to 24/7 online technical support and help from online academic advisors and program coordinators. The online BA in psychology needs 120 semester hours. Additionally the university’s general education essentials, the major needs different psychology-specific courses, electives, and seminars. The program’s higher-level elective courses involve psychology and women, human sexuality, and an introduction to disability studies. Students finish one advanced elective involving either practicum, a directed study, a graduate level course, or an extra higher-level elective. Online psychology students must also get intermediate-level proficiency in a foreign language of their wish. Accreditation: New England Association of Schools and Colleges. Ranking: Ranks 7 among The 50 Best Online Bachelor’s in Psychology Degree Programs.

10. Keiser University

Best Online Bachelor's in Psychology Degree Programs - 10 Along with face-to-face classes, Keiser’s Fort Lauderdale location provides a choice of online programs, along with an online bachelor’s degree in psychology. It is a military-friendly school, Keiser raises an admissions team exclusively generated to serve military members. Applicants getting their BA in psychology finish 120 credits of coursework, along with 18 credits of lower division psychology courses, 12 credits of upper-division psychology courses, 36 credits of lower-division general education courses, and 21 credits of core courses. All psychology students should finish two major prerequisites: introduction to psychology and statistics. Students opt from the mentioned four empahsis: human services, developmental psychology, business, or healthcare and fitness. Concentrations permit students to emphasize their studies on an area of talent that informs their career goals. Representative courses in each specialization include forensic psychology, human exceptionality, industrial/organizational psychology, and coaching and team structuring. Students focusing in human services or healthcare and fitness may get up to six credits through a psychology internship experience relevant to their interests. Accreditations: Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges. Rankings: Ranks 11 among The 50 Best Online Bachelor’s in Psychology Degree Programs offers extensive research about various Online courses offered by best colleges and universities.