20 Simple and Surprising 10 Years Old Birthday Party Ideas for Boys & Girls | 10th Birthday Themes, Decoration Ideas

Every child feels their birthday as a special day in their life. Kids want their parents to arrange a grand party for their friends, family, and neighbours. So, parents can check 10th Birthday Ideas for boys and girls on this page. By following these amazing birthday party theme ideas, you can throw an unforgettable and surprising birthday bash for your kids.

Organising a birthday party for 10 years old child is a difficult task. It is important to know their likings, dislikes, decoration theme, and the people and company they like the most. So, it is better to communicate with the birthday baby to get their input on the party and make a better idea. Parents can check 20 fun ideas for 10 years old girl/boy birthday ideas to spend their fantastic time.

Amazing 10-Year-Old Birthday Party Ideas

Give your little ones the best memorable birthday of their life with these inexpensive birthday party ideas. Choose one idea from the list to surprise your kid on their special day.

  • Tubing Party
  • Activity Party
  • Low Impact Paintballing
  • Bubble Football
  • Laser Party
  • Theme Park Party
  • Trampoline Party
  • Special Day Out Party
  • Party at Home with Pizza, Magic Show and Sleepover
  • Football Party
  • Skate Park Party with Scooters or Stakeboards
  • Barbecue with Water Fight Party
  • Nerf Party
  • Ten-Pin Bowling
  • Swimming Party and Pizza
  • Sleepover with Movie and Make Your Own Pizza
  • Fashion Parade
  • Slumber Party
  • Spa Party
  • Cupcake Party
  • Cooking Party
  • Zoo Party
  • Arty Party

Top 10th Birthday Party Ideas

These are the best 10 year old birthday party ideas for kids who want to invite more people to their birthday. Best 10th birthday ideas are included here that are less expensive including food offers.

Special Day Out Party Birthday celebrations should be surprising with lots of guests. By their 10th year, children are interested in a special day out. Spending a day with their favourable friends and family members will give them fun and joy. There are multiple choices for a special day out party depending on your requirements, budget, no of people attending the party, how far you want to travel, movies, trip, a meal in a restaurant, park and so on.

Swimming Pool Party Swimming pool parties can be a good choice for 10 year old's birthday party. If you invite a lot of your child's friends to the party, then you have to hire either many swimming pools or a larger area pool. The one thing that should be taken care of is, that the depth of the pool should be less so that children can stand in the pool. In summer, the pool parties are fun birthday parties for kids. In the pool, kids can play games like swimming races or volleyball. After the pool party, they can have pizza.

Also, Check

Activity Party The activity party includes different activities that are suitable for 10-year-old kids. Climbing, skating, singing, dancing, and playing other best indoor games kids can spend their fun time. At the end of the party, children should be offered a soft drink along with dinner or pizza or party food and cake to make the party feel.

Laser Party Laser parties are popular with boys. People from 7 upwards can enjoy this party. It is played indoors so any weather condition is okay for it. Children can use a lot of energy and get the party food at the venue. It is a cost-effective game. So, it is always a good choice for birthday party ideas for 10-year-old boys.

Awesome 10th Birthday Photoshoot Ideas

Kids who are turning 10 years can look at these reference pics to make their tenth birthday photo shoot successful. Here we have provided different indoor and outdoor photo shoot poses and ideas for 10th birthday girls and boys. ten year old birthday photo shoot ideas best 10th birthday photo shoot ideas Photo shoot ideas for 10 year old birthday party tenth birthday party pohto shoot ideas

Ten-Year-Old Birthday Party Invitation Ideas

Sending an invitation is the initial step for the birthday party. Some people want to send fabulous and unique invitations to their near and dear ones. We are listing a few of them here: Cartoons If the kid has reached 10th year means they should be fond of an anyone cartoon character. If you prepare an invitation with a cartoon character's name, photo, or any other, then it will look so special for them.

Printing 10 Photographs As it is their 10th birthday, if you print 10 photographs of your child on a card from their birth till now and highlight the number 10, it will become the centre of attraction of the card. Birthday Boy/Girl Photo You should include the birthday boy/girl photo with the party venue, date, time, and day on the simple invitation card.

10th Birthday Party Decoration Ideas

Arranging a birthday party is unsuccessful without the right decoration, The theme of decoration should be as per the taste of the child. So, plan accordingly before paying the decoration amount to the vendors. The decoration theme ideas provided here will be similar for 9 years old children's birthday parties.

The decoration items must be included in every party are balloons, cake, foil fringe, chocolates, tassel garlands, a Foil balloon of the number 10, happy birthday letter stickers, and so on. beautiful tenth birthday decoration ideas diy decoration ideas for 10th birthday double digit 10th birthday decoration ideas happy birthday spiderman decoration theme

Outdoor Birthday Party Ideas for 10 Years Old Kids

Instead of hosting your child's birthday party inside your home, outdoor parties give more fun and enjoyment. Some of the outdoor birthday parties for 10th kids are here: Outdoor Movie Set up a movie under the sky using a projector and bed sheet as a screen. Have snacks like candy, and popcorn on hand and enjoy the movie.

Outdoor Arts Party Here, parents have to buy stationery things for hosting an art party. You should ask every student to draw a painting of their wish by giving a time limit. The one who draws a beautiful painting will earn a gift from the birthday boy/girl.

Garden Party Let a group of friends meet at the green garden and decorate their own pots with happy birthday quotes, your child's photo, and flowers. Share things like about your favourite cartoon character, video game, movie and so on with your friends. Spend a wonderful time, cut the cake, and have food.

Classic Party Games for 10th Birthday

There is nothing better for parents than seeing their kids playing games and enjoying themselves with their friends on birthdays. Nowadays kids are spending most of their time on phones and electronic devices. So below mentioned classic birthday party games for 10 year olds make them thrilled and excited.

  • The Cholocate Game
  • Cookie Face
  • Hanging Donuts Game
  • Freeze Tag
  • Sweet Sucker
  • Limbo
  • Egg Toss
  • Balloon Stomp
  • Spin the Bottle
  • Neighbourhood Scavenger Hunt
  • Wink Assassin

10th Birthday Wishes/ Quotes/ Messages

People can wish kids on their 10th birthday a happy birthday in multiple ways by stating the listed statements. They can send these birthday messages on WhatsApp or Facebook or Instagram.

  • Enjoy your birthday with joy and happiness. Happy birthday to a very special 10-year-old!
  • Happy 10th birthday dear, I am so happy to see you growing up. I can’t believe I share this day with you. I wish you the very best sweetie.
  • Wow, you are now 120 months old. You don't look aged one bit. Happy birthday!
  • To know a girl/boy as you have always made us so proud. My best wishes to you on your very special birthday!
  • You are 10 now, and you've never looked so handsome/beautiful! All the best for a happy future!
  • We wish that the coming years will give you more success and happiness. Enjoy the last part of your childhood. Happy birthday, 10-year-old!
  • No, we cannot call you a little girl/boy anymore; you are an adult now! Happy tenth birthday!
  • Congratulations to you on your first two-digit birthday! You are the best, and always will be!
  • Three balloons with three wishes are my gift for your 10th birthday. The first one is for making this day memorable, the second one is for your happiness, and the third one is for your success in the coming days. Happy birthday to you!
  • Today is not just any day, as much as it is important to you, it is much more important to us because we believe so much in you. Happy 10th birthday kid.
  • Welcome to a brand-new chapter of your life. You are no longer a baby. Happy 10th birthday to you!
  • The best time of your life is about to come. Happy 10th birthday to you!

Happy Tenth Birthday Captions for Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp

best happy birthday wishes for 10 year olds 10th birthday captions awesome 10th birthday messages tenth birthday wishes and quotes happy 10th birthday wishes for son

Best Birthday Gifts for 10 Year Old Kids

Parents can follow different strategies to present a gift on their kid's birthdays. Few choose to make shopping on weekends before the birthday and ask them to buy what the 10th birthday boy/girl wants. Others want to surprise their kids by giving them useful items like toys, stationery, or any other items. The list of unique and trendy 10-year-old birthday gifts is here:

  • Write on graphite pencil set
  • Wood cross stitch jewellery
  • Moon lamp
  • Mad movies
  • Paint pens
  • Soft unicorn hooded bathrobe
  • Karaoke system with LED disco lights
  • Diy squishies
  • Mini faux leather backpack
  • Mermaid tail blanket
  • Velvet hair scrunchies
  • Create your own secret language
  • Rainbow pop fidget toys
  • Zoe doll
  • Photo clip string light
  • The original LED marquee lightbox

Fantastic Food Ideas for Tenth Birthday Party at Home

As most of the guests' kids are around 10 years, they always want to play games and chat with friends. So, try to include easy-eating food items in the 10th Birthday Party Menu List. The items must contain snacks, drinks, and dinner items. Have a look at the listed food ideas for 10 year birthday party to get an idea.

  • Cake pops
  • Chocolate chip traybake
  • Loaded potato skins
  • Easy sausage rolls
  • Marshmallows dipped in chocolate
  • Strawberry lemonade cake
  • Fairy wand biscuits
  • Ring doughnuts
  • Simple iced biscuits
  • Pizza with homemade sauce
  • Ice cream cone cakes
  • Watermelon lemonade
  • Vanilla milkshake bar
  • Chicken tacos
  • Fruit salad
  • Mini pizzas
  • Smiley sandwiches

Double Digit 10th Birthday Cake Designs

Parents can arrange a themed birthday party for their kids on their 10th birthday. But it is not that so simple as we think. We need to find everything that matches our tenth birthday party theme. So, here we are giving some of the cake images for themed cake designs 10 year old birthday ideas. birthday cake ideas for 10 year olds 10th birthday cake ideas for girls tenth birthday cake ideas girls cake ideas for 10 year olds birthday


We are thinking that we have covered each and every detail of the 10 year old birthday party ideas. Parents can use these ideas and host a party for their kids to remember this occasion throughout their life. You can stay in touch with our site to know the birthday party ideas for other age kids.