When do Babies Smile Back | Reflex Smile Vs Real Smile | What If Your Baby Doesn't Smile?

Are you waiting for your little one to flash a smile? there is nothing better sight than a happy smiling baby. Babies start reflex smiling before birth and continue to do so as newborns but as they grow their smiles have different meanings. Babies can smile very early in life. But these first smiles are not intentional and are in response to anything.

Soon, though your little child will flash her first "real "smile which improves your signals in social, emotional, and visual development. As a new parent, this experience will be exhilarating and challenging. For more parenting articles you can check out our site Onlinestemdegrees.Com and find out.

When do Babies have Real Smiles?

Before knowing about real smiles we will know about reflex smiles too. If we can see newborns can smile right from birth, but what we call a reflex smile can be caused due to internal factors. And that reflex smile will be disappeared by the time of 2 months old. And we can see his/her first real smile between the 6 and 12 weeks.

Reflex smiles tend to be shorter and they occur while the baby is in sleeping mode or tired. When a baby gives you a social smile they also engage in eye contact. For infant development baby's first smile is the key milestone. This real smile is very important for the baby so that her vision and nervous system will be mature enough to communicate with the world around her.

After 2 months she/he stops reflex smiling and after 6 months baby will choose and be selective with whom they want to share a smile and all.

How to Encourage a Baby to Smile?

To encourage a baby to smile you need to spend time with them, cuddle them, play with them and talk with them too often. Many studies have shown that babies who receive their parent's affection and care a lot will develop very fast and early and they be more sociable.

Don't be afraid to get silly like make funny faces and voices imitate animal sounds and behaviors by doing all these you can push a smile on your baby's face very early. But be careful not to overdo it though. Once the baby smiles back at us they will start doing it again and again.

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When Do Babies Smile at Their Parents?

For every parent baby's first smile will be a major milestone after their birth. The more interaction you will be with your children you can see your child smile back at you and you can also see the unique differences in the types of smiles they give. And even though babies reserve their very first smile for the people they know like parents.

And don't worry if their grandma gets the first smile from your baby or for the stranger in the supermarket. It's not a sign that they like them better, it's just the way of saying that I see you. Like that they will also soon share their smile with you too. Don't get disappointed.

What If Our Baby Doesn't Smile?

This may be every parent doubt that what if our baby doesn't smile especially in the first few months. Normally, babies start smiling at 3 months, in case if your baby is not smiling at that time period don't think that is something wrong with your baby. Just like adults, babies also have different temperaments.

And you should also check the level of engagement with the world they have. Without thinking about the smile after 3 months if the baby is not communicating with you, with other caregivers via eye contact, or with any vocal expressions, then you can contact your pediatrician.

FAQs on When Do Babies Smile Back

1. Do all babies smile by 2 months?

No, most babies smile by about 8 weeks old, but smiling may not become a regular occurrence until your baby's closer to 10 to 12 weeks.

2. Do autistic baby smiles?

After 18 months when the baby is diagnosed with autism continues to smile less than the other baby sibs.

3. Why do infants smile while sleeping?

Infants smiling while they sleep is completely a normal reaction and it will happen due to internal factors.


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