Unique 1st Birthday Ideas for Boy & Girl | Simple First Birthday Theme, Gift, Party Decoration Ideas at Home

Isn't it special that your tiny tot has hit the 1-year milestone? So, why not make this occasion even more special by trying out our Unique 1st Year Birthday Party Decoration Ideas at Home. We know how parents feel when it comes to their Child's First Birthday Celebration after all they made it through the emotional roller coaster ride. Whether you are planning things big or trying to organize a home party we have got them all covered.

You can have a sneak peek into our Baby's 1st Birthday Ideas for Party Decorations, Food, Gifts, Themes, Outfits and a lot more. Here we have outlined some of the Best Clever Ideas & Themes for your Baby Girl or Baby Boy's 1st Year Birthday. So, look no further and get straight into the article.

1st Year Birthday Ideas for Baby Girl

Is your baby girl turning one then it's high time you look out for some great Birthday Party Ideas. However, don't get too carried way and remember will love the attention but will not remember it all her life. Here are some great 1st Birthday Party Ideas for your Baby Girl.

  • Unicorn Mayhem
  • Simply Pink
  • Dreamy Balloons
  • Butterfly Gardens
  • Cowgirl
  • Moana Theme
  • Cinderella
  • Under the Sea
  • Buzzing with Joy

First Birthday Celebration Ideas for Girl First Birthday Themes for Baby Girl

1st Year Birthday Ideas for Baby Boy

Baby Boy's 1st Birthday Party Ideas on a Budget

Toddler 1st Birthday Cakes Ideas

If you are looking for some amazing 1st Birthday Cake Designs for your little one then you should seriously consider any one of the following. You can use these First Birthday Part Cake Ideas to create one for your young ones and they will feel extremely joyful seeing them. We have got Birthday Party Cake Ideas for Baby Boy and Girl here. First Birthday Cake Design Ideas First Birthday Cake Ideas Children's First Birthday Cakes 1st Birthday Princess Cake Ideas for Baby Girl Cute Birthday Cake for Baby Girl Awesome First Birthday Cake Ideas Adorable First Birthday Cake Designs Lovely Colorful 1st Birthday Cakes 1st Happy Birthday Cake Babies 1st Birthday Cake

1st Birthday Ideas Present | First Birthday Gift Ideas

Though your baby won't know it's their first birthday we can do a lot for them. By their First Year kids usually figure out how to crawl, sit up, pull up to stand, etc. If you are in a hurry and need some 1st Birthday Gift Ideas then you should try our collection.

These Birthday Present will improve their fine motor skills, language, and vocabulary for sure. We have listed some of the long-lasting, engaging toys that will sustain with your toddler.

  • Pulling and Pushing Toys
  • Sit to Stand Learning Walker
  • Cocomelon Musical Puzzle
  • Little Climber With Rock Wall
  • Jamming and Grooving Toys
  • Musical Egg Shaker Trio
  • Wooden ABC Blocks
  • Lego Bricks
  • Squeeze Blocks
  • Rocking and Rolling Toys
  • Pull and Sing Puppy
  • Walk a Long Toddler Wooden Pull Toy
  • Fill and Spill Toys
  • Sorting and Stacking Toys
  • Finger Crayons
  • Light & Learn Drum with Melodies
  • Musical Rhymes Book
  • Pum Pum Toys
  • Washable Kids Paint

1st Birthday Ideas in Lockdown

Your child's birthday can't be dull and boring just because it is in lockdown. You can do a lot of stuff sitting at the home and make your little one feel special. Our list of unique ways to celebrate your First Birthday in Lockdown will definitely brighten up your child and brings a smile to their face.

  • Decorate your House
  • Have a Virtual Birthday Party
  • Bake a Cake Together
  • Grant them Birthday wishes and make them feel Special
  • Make a Charitable Birthday
  • Your Entire Family can Play Games with your Child

Outdoor 1st Birthday Party Ideas

A great way to celebrate your Young One's First birthday is to Host a Birthday Party Outdoors for them with your family. You can set The Birthday Celebrations at your home or even at a friend's place. Set up some space and light activities for your child and other kids at the party so that all of them stay engaged.

Here are some fabulous First Birthday Party Ideas Outside for you to try Stage a Backyard Egg Hunt: Easter tradition works extremely great for both kids and adults. Egg hunting is quite easy and you can buy some colored plastic eggs and fill them with candies, coins, and age-appropriate gifts. Hide some eggs in the trickiest places so that bigger kids can find them.

Create a Photo Backdrop: As you will be busy taking snaps with your young one keep some fun backdrop on your fence, deck railing, or side of your house. You can arrange a simple Happy birthday banner in the backdrop.

Make Music: Keep some musical instruments your kids have like xylophones, and keyboards along with some wooden buckets, spoons, and rubber spatulas. Keep this set up at a distance from guests' gatherings so that kids can make some music.

Have a Picnic: Set your party using a Picnic Theme so that you don't have put much effort. Buy some table cloth, napkins, and plates along with a bunch of blankets. Spread the blankets so that your guests can sit and enjoy. To make it, even more, crazier place a picnic-style basket in the middle along with a few helium balloons to handles. Also, See: 3 year old birthday party ideas

Photoshoot 1st Birthday Ideas

One of the most important milestones in a child's life is their First Birthday. So make it memorable and extra special by taking pictures of their every moment so that you can show them in the future. If you are in search of Great Photoshoot Ideas for First Birthday then you will fall in love with our Unique First Birthday Photoshoot Ideas.

They are as follows Balloons: Make sure your little one holds a balloon as it instantly conveys that the theme is celebratory. You can even set up a photo station with rainbow colors to brighten up their mood. Give your young one a Balloon Bouquet as they will feel even happier.

Family Photo: Taking Family Photo is also a great idea and get some creative photos. After a solo pic of your child is done get some family pictures with grandparents, cousins, aunts, etc. Have some candids too in the meanwhile of the birthday celebration.

Number One Sign: Using the Number 1 Sign is also a wonderful idea to use for your tiny tot's birthday. You can use all your creativity to make one sign be it with toys, flowers, papers, etc., or simply buy a number one balloon.

Messy Time: Every child at some point gets messy and capturing them in those moments can be a great photoshoot hack. Give them the freedom to splash water, play in the mud, and whatnot.

Cake Smash: A new Photoshoot Idea in recent times is to have a Cake Smash. If you love following what's in trend then don't skip this idea. Get some cake matching with the outfit and let them get into the cake and get messy. There are a lot more you can consider for Photoshoots such as Sports, Birthday Girl In A Flower Basket, A Close-Up Shot,  A Party Photo Shoot, Baby in jelly beans shoot, etc.

First Birthday Decoration Ideas at Home

Wild Life Theme First Birthday Party Ideas First Birthday Decoration Ideas 1st birthday theme decoration ideas First Birthday Decoration Ideas for Boy Fun Baby's First Birthday Party Decor Ideas Mickie Mouse Theme Decoration Idea for 1st Birthday

First Birthday Celebration Food Ideas

Menu for a One-Year-Old Birthday can be anything based on the kind of food you want to serve and the party you want to host. If most of the guests are of your child's age then you should consider homemade foods. You can even plan your food on basis of your choice specifically such as vegan, garlic-free food, onions or eggless, etc.


  • French fries or potato wedges
  • baked potato smileys or potato alphabets (available in stores)
  • carrot sticks
  • iced chocolate cookies
  • mini muffins
  • cheesy vegetable nuggets
  • baked sweet potato cubes
  • fresh fruit salad
  • fruit canapés
  • garlic bread topped with cheese spread
  • baby breadsticks
  • biscuits and cookies (without nuts)


  • Birthday cake
  • rasgullas or gulab jamuns
  • rice, suji, sabudaana or vermicelli kheer
  • fruit yoghurt
  • suji halwa, rawa kesari, gajar halwa, moong dal halwa
  • custard and jelly served in individual cups
  • ice-cream served in individual cups or cones
  • small cups of shrikhand or mishti doi
  • fruit cream

Drinks and Beverages

  • fruit smoothies
  • hot chocolate or cocoa (for winter parties)
  • sweet lassi
  • lemonade
  • flavoured/fruit milkshakes (chocolate/strawberry/vanilla)

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Best 1st Birthday Wishes, Messages and Captions for 1 Year Old

If you are in search of Wonderful First Birthday Wishes, Messages then you have come to the right place. You can use these Unique 1st Birthday Captions For Instagram, Whatsapp, and many more Social Media Handles. Send your little one these Wonderful First birthday Quotes and tell them how much you care about them.

1st Birthday Wishes for Baby Boy & Girl

  • It’s been a year since you were born, but you have given us so many wonderful memories to cherish forever. Have a great 1st birthday, lovely baby!
  • Today we are going to celebrate the very first birthday of our precious little son. Thanks for giving us 365 days of immense and boundless love, joy, and smile! Happy 1st birthday little star!
  • It is the biggest day today little baby. We wish you all the happiness, love, respect, and peace in your entire life. Happy 1st birthday!
  • Wishing you the best birthday to our little prince! You are an awesome, beautiful kid, and you derve every best in your life. Enjoy your day with wonderful moments!
  • “Enjoy your special day. You deserve a lifetime of happiness.”
  • “Happy birthday to the sweetest one-year-old little girl we have ever known.”
  • “It’s been a whole year since we were blessed with a beautiful baby girl. We count those blessings every day.”

Cutest First Birthday Quotes for your 1 Year Old

  • Happy first birthday to you and to my C-section scar. May you both continue to grow and stay strong.
  • You know, they should really make Happy 1 Year At Keeping Your Kid Alive hats for mom.
  • You were all I ever wanted, and I still can’t believe you are mine. I also still can’t believe how loud you are.
  • I can’t believe we made it one whole year, and tonight I’m going for this glass of wine like you went for that cake.
  • Happy birthday to my baby, who does not even know it’s his birthday and cried all day. Same, kid. Same.

First Birthday Instagram Caption Ideas

  • No matter how grown up you get, I'll always think of you as my sweet little baby.
  • It's fun to be one, but then again, every day with you is the best day ever.
  • On your first birthday and every birthday to come, may you be filled with as much joy as you bring everyone around you.
  • We've celebrated your first smile, your first giggle, your first step, and now, we get to celebrate the biggest first of all — your very first birthday.
  • My one-derful birthday baby, I hope you're always as happy as you are on this momentous day.
  • They say the days are long and the years are short, and this first year has certainly gone by in the blink of an eye. Don't grow up too fast, my love.

Happy First Birthday Quotes 1st Birthday Wishes First Birthday Card Messages


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