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Educational apps act as a barrier for students, teachers and parents. It made learning easier with just one click. With this classroom management system, both learning and teaching have become more productive and interactive. Creative technologies play an important role in the way we teach and learn. There are numerous classroom apps designed to help students actively participate while being taught and understand the concepts better.

These digital learning tools help students to build their creativity, communication and presentation skills. It also allows parents to virtually participate in their kid's learning process which contributes to increase in productivity. Here we are giving the details about popular and innovative teaching apps for students.

Popular Classroom Management Apps

Here we are providing some of the most popular and interesting Educational Apps that help to communicate between teachers and students. These digital platforms also help parents to track their kids' growth. Google Classroom It is one of the most popular apps that saves time and paper in classrooms.

Students can integrate with google apps for education accounts with all other relevant google apps services. This tool comes with various features to create classes, communicate, distribute assignments, and stay organized in a simpler way. Students can download and install Google Classroom from this page.
Seesaw It is the best interactive learning platform for preschool students. Seesaw is an online application where students can share their work with parents and teachers. Now parents/teachers or students can learn the easier ways of using Seesaw by watching this video.
Click Here: Get Seesaw

FreshGrade It is a multimedia digital portfolio that connects students, teachers, and parents. It is designed for students for learning and understand the concepts easily. Teachers can encourage students to submit their content and engage in reflexive feedback.
Click Here: FreshGrade Download Link

GradeCraft GradeCraft is a game-inspired classroom structure to offer some autonomy and flexibility to students. It has the potential to revolutionize your classroom by inspiring students to take control of their own learning.
Click Here: Download GradeCraft

Classcraft Classcraft is a highly engaging behaviour management app that is easy to use, quick to implement and gives instant feedback on how students are performing. It allows teachers to reward students for doing the correct thing, completing the tasks, helping others, and so on. It motivates students to be invested in their own learning as well as their classmate's learning. Hit Here: Classcraft Download Link

StudyBlue StudyBlue is an online learning app for high school and college-going students. The applications allow students to upload study materials, create electronic flashcards, and practice quizzes to share with others. The content can be accessed online or through mobile applications. StudyBlue's services include note uploading, electronic flashcards, quiz, and storing digital study materials.
Click Here: Download StudyBlue App

Google Suite for Education It is another mandatory tool for classrooms for better management of lessons and other activities. This app provides an all-in-one platform with its range of services such as Gmail for email management, Google Docs, Google Hangouts for video calling, Drive, and sheets for class documents management. Google calendar application can also be used to intimate students, teachers, and parents about upcoming class events and holidays list.

Remind Remind is a simple app for teachers to send reminders to students and parents regarding an event, exam dates, projects, or any other. It allows to send a message without the requirement of a phone number and features google chats or private chats. It also translates messages into more than 70 languages which is an advantage for parents to communicate with their kid's teachers.
Click Here: Install Remind App

Vivi Vivi is a wireless screen mirroring and presentation tool. It allows all students and teachers to see the same screen and present their screen. It also allows both students and teachers to save content in real-time. It just needs a Blue box to be plugged into your classroom.

Quiz Classroom Apps for Teachers and Students

Below provided are some of the incredible quiz classroom apps which allow parents virtually participate in their kid's classroom activities and lessons. After finishing every concept, here are the quiz questions related to the topic that students have to answer.

Kahoot Teachers can use this app to teach concepts to their students. This app allows you to create quizzes that are interactive and engaging. This game-based classroom response system is web-based and free. Teachers can customize it based on the actual requirement and use it on a very granular level too. Click Here: Download Kahoot
Grammar Jammers It is an ideal app for any classroom and comes in primary elementary and middle editions. Students can learn and practice the different levels of grammar with games, animations and quiz questions. Edmodo This app lets sharing and discovering new resources and lessons easier than before. It is mainly designed with the goal to offer complete control over digital classrooms. Teachers can use its spontaneous features and unlimited storage quickly to create groups and manage progress schedule quizzes, assign homework, and more. Download Link: Install Edmodo

Subtext It comes with advanced features that transform any document or book into a part of the digital classroom. With this app, both teachers and students can exchange ideas while going through the document.

Handouts This application allows teachers to go paperless in the classroom. This app workflow solution for a school tablet program manages the flow of quizzes, assignments, and other paper documents.

World Atlas World Atlas made it easier for the students who are thinking geography is a difficult subject. It contains geographic data, demographics, Olympics, travel and weather information in one place. Its quiz mode and stress maps are useful for the students to memorize facts in an interesting method. Click Here: Download World Atlas

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Learning Classroom Applications

By using user-friendly classroom apps, students can attend lectures online. They can easily send the assignments and understand the concepts with 35 incredible classroom apps listed here. Few educational apps support Bilingual Education as per the school's instructions and advices.

Prodigy It makes math more fun for any elementary-grade student. It mainly focused at practice rather than initial instruction, it gives good feedback for incorrect answers and helps students to improve their abilities. It also allows parents to track their kid's progress. Click Here: Download Prodigy

Evernote It is a digital note-taking resource that can be used for many things. The advantage of using this app is it syncs to all of your devices. Click Here: Install Evernote

Class Dojo This application is the bridge between school and home that allows parents to get real-time updates on their kids. It even provides a text-like communication platform for teachers to connect with parents, and can ve accessed from any device.
Click Here: Download Class Dojo

Loop It is best for developing engaging project presentations. The loop allows students to use hand-drawn pictures that are easily transformed into animated features for use in projects. Click Here: Install Loop

Booktrack Classroom It is a free app for reading and writing curriculum for grades K to 12. It is mainly designed to provide learning by having fun by allowing their own soundtrack for their own book tracks or any content.

Kidblog This user-friendly app is designed for elementary and middle school students. It is a good way for student-generated reading responses. It is very easy to set up and students can easily start blogging after getting access. The blogs in this app can be viewed only by their teachers, and classmates, so it 100% meets privacy policy.

Augmented Reality Classroom Apps

These augmented reality classroom applications help learning as a simple and easy process for students. Teachers who follow Learning Theories in Education will understand the new strategies of teaching.

Green Screen Earlier we have seen Green Screen technology in TV shows, and films, but now it came to your classroom with the same experience. It doesn't require a dedicated green screen studio or equipment. Just download the app and use it. Click Here: Download & Install Green Screen

HP Reveal It is an app that allows the user to create augmented reality triggers in class posters, textbooks or even school bulletin boards.

Apple Clips Apple clips is a small part of an app that lets you do tasks fastly, just like rent a bike, pay for parking or order food online. It has multiple uses in the classroom. It is great for student presentation work. Click Here: Download Apple Clips

Figment AR Figment AR allows you to completely manipulate the world around you. Place animated 3D objects and creatures around your class or portals to different worlds. Click Here: Figment AR Download Link

Thinglink It is a web-based tool that lets you add text, video or web links to a picture. The interactive images you create can be shared on social media, links or can be embedded into a web page. Click Here: Install Thinglink

ChatterPix Kids ChatterPix is fun and has classroom applications for both students and teachers. It allows the user to animate pictures from your device and make them say anything you want them to. Click Here: Download ChatterPix Kids App

Final Words

We are hoping that the information provided here about interactive Educational Apps are useful for teachers, parents and students. Schools can use these applications for making the learning process much easier and simpler. Stay in touch with our site to know about other learning applications and about why is education important.