Super Simple Map Games for Kids | Interesting Geography Games & Activities that Kids will Love

In this generation, reading maps may seem like a lost art. Exploring maps, even casually, helps kids to develop an understanding of their place in the world. It will also increase your kid's spatial reasoning skills. Learning these maps does not be hard, as these fun activities for kids demonstrate. In this article, we will see these fun and simple map activities for kids.

Once you share these map activities with your kids they definitely find it interesting. They involve more and prepare work, these activities are mainly good for preschool, elementary, and school-aged children who want to dive deeper into geography and mapping skills.

Fun Geography Games for High School

Look into these map games for kindergarten that are given below for kids. Following ais the fun geography games.

Make your Own Map First, help your kids understand how the map works for them and tell them to make their own app. For this, you need to give your children blank paper, a pen or pencil, and some stickers. Encourage them to think outside of the street map box. Tell them to try a map which they like the most.

Map your Living Room Kids can easily learn to map when they draw a map of a place they know very well. Tell them to draw your living area as they always play there. And after that, you can also use this map for a treasure hunt. Just take the map and put x and tell them to find out in that map. This will be very interesting and they will feel fun doing these activities. So that they will show more interest.

Map the Neighbourhood Teach your kids how to navigate their neighborhood in a fun and easy way. Just take a print of a map, find your home on that map and help them to locate the familiar landmarks near your home and tell them to mark on the map.

Get an Atlas An effortless way to share the beauty of a good map with your kid is to leave some gaint atlas on the floor or leave it around. When your child picks it up not only they will get interested to check it, it will make them busy.

Try to Give Them a Puzzle The best thing to do that I recommend mostly is to buy a map puzzle and give it to them. Seriously it will work so well, as they will learn the countries and places in no time without any effort. This will keep them engage most of the time and it will be interesting and it will sharpen their brain.

Pass the Globe This activity will be very interesting and fun. If you have a kids group then tell them to sit in a circle, play the music and tell them to pass the globe. and stop the music in the middle and who is holding that globe should tell the place where their right thumb is on. Play the game until everyone has their turn.

World Geography Map Games for Kids

The map games which are given below are not much complicated, but they do require adult supervision. Check out the games below.

Make a Water Colour Map Just take a piece of paper, Just draw a map with a pen or pencil and cut the shape of the map on the edges, then draw continents and islands shapes and then use the watercolors on that drawing. Do it with your kids and next time they will only try it and trust me it will become their favorite part.

Make a Map with LEGO Just if your kid has a favorite place then tell them to map the place using LEGO. And tell them to create a story on it. This will increase your kids' memory and they will start thinking in a creative way.

Map a Hometown with Google Maps Just take a printout of your home map in the google map and then trace the map features like water, roads, trees, and lines using some ballpoint pen, and then take some white pastel and draw all the lines where you see the black lines then use some watercolors or color pencils and draw it step by step and that will create a map.

Map with Salt Dough This will be the most fun activity for kids in school or at home, this is also a clever way to learn geographic features like mountains and rivers. Just take a cup of salt, all-purpose flour, and water remember that salt should be of high quantity. Now make it dough and take cardboard and draw the shape of the map and keep this dough on that shape and add paints to it. As children are younger they do not know how to shape the map with the dough so we are doing it this way.

FAQs on Map Games for Kids

1. What is a map for kids?

The map is a drawing of an earth's surface, Its basic purpose is to show the places, rivers, mountains, roads, and where things are.

2. How do you teach maps to kids?

Check out our article, simple map games for kids on online stream degree.Com as we have explained many map activities to learn your child about maps.

3. What are the 3 types of maps?

The 3 types of maps are planimetric maps, topographic maps, and navigation maps.

4. What is map reading?

It is the process of looking at the map and evaluating the depicted things on the map and how the cartographer depicted them.

Final Thoughts

Hope that we as our team which is given to you on map games is quite an interesting and useful for you. Still, if you have ideas for map games you can comment to us in the comment section or if you have any doubts about the games we have given above, you can also ask us through your comments. Bookmark our site OnlineStemDegrees.Com for more parenting ideas. You might be interested in How To Make A Pirate Ship Cake That Kids Will Love for your child's next birthday.