Simple Camera Cake Design | How to Prepare a Camera Cake Easily at Home?

Photography has become one of the most pursued professional courses for the generation of today. As designer cakes based on the profession is the new trend these days we have shared the recipe. Is your loved one also a photography lover? and would you love to surprise him/her by preparing the camera cake? Here in this article, we are going to make it easy to carve a camera out of cake.

You can make it for your photography lovers. Learn how to make a camera cake with the easy methods that we have provided for you. It will be the perfect gift. Check out our other cake articles like pirate ship cake and many others.

How to Make a Camera Cake for Photography Lovers?

Here we are going to see how to prepare the camera cake step by step easily. We will see ingredients, tools, the cooking process, and everything.


Check out the ingredients that we are going to give for preparing a cake and for decorations. To Prepare a Cake:

  • Tap water - 1 cup
  • Canola oil  - 1 cup
  • Margarine  - 200gm
  • Cocoa powder - 2 spoons
  • Flour - 2 cups
  • Rum extract - 2 tablespoons
  • A little bit of salt
  • 1.5 cups sugar
  • Dark chocolate - 100gm
  • Separated eggs (yolks/whites) - 4
  • Baking powder - 3 tables spoon


  • Food coloring gels – you would need at least Red, Yellow and Black
  • 1 kg white Fondant
  • Silver Coloring
  • Royal Icing
  • Powdered Sugar


  • Fondant tools
  • Roller
  • Knife
  • 20cm X 28cm baking pan

Step by Step Process for Preparing a Cake

We are going to see some steps on how to prepare a camera cake with the ingredients that were given above.

Step 1: Prepare a Cake First, we will prepare a sponge cake. Lets us see the how-to-do that step by step.

  • Take a small pot and warm that pot first and then pour some water, margarine, oil, dark chocolate, sugar, and cocoa powder and mix them well.
  • Now, wait until the mixture cools down to room temperature, and then add egg yolks and rum extract. And then mix well.
  • Then, you need to take 3/4 cup of the prepared mixture and keep it aside. Because we will it as glue to prepare in the shape of the camera.
  • After completion of all this, now add the baking powder and mix again.
  • Mix the egg whites by adding a pinch of salt and add into that dark mixture.
  • And then cook the cake in a pressure cooker or oven until it's done.
  • Finally, the cake will be prepared and keep it aside.

Step 2: Cut the Cake into the Camera Shape Now, it's time to cut the cake into camera pieces. This is an important step and you need to do it very carefully.  Use a sharp knife to cut the cake and make it into pieces.

  • First, take any round-shaped cutter, and on the top cut two circles for the lens.
  • Then, come down and cut the camera body shape.
  • And the remaining piece will be converted into a prism.
  • Don't throw the remaining part, we can use it for small elements of the camera.

Step 3: Place the Pieces into Camera Shape. Now, after completion of cutting you need to prepare into camera shape.

  • Place the body on the roller.
  • Then put the prism on the back.
  • Then add the lens plate to the top of the body.
  • Add the grip
  • Finally, add the cake.

Step 4: Unassemble the Cake and Redo Now, as we have got the camera shape, remove all the pieces and add the pieces one by one with glue. After completion of that take a sharp knife and cut the edges into round-shaped and smooth the harsh corners. You should not add a lens in this step.

Step 5: Prepare the Sugar As we can get fondant in the market, bring one kilo of white and color it as needed. Here as we need the black color, it is impossible to make black fondant, so you can make it gray and put the black paint gel on it. Rolla leaf of gray fondant.

Step 6: Now Wrap on the Cake carefully pick that fondant leaf and wrap it over the cake. Tuck it well all around and remove the excess fondant. Now paint it all black.

Step 7:  Mount the Lens As the camera body Part is completed we need to prepare the lens part.

  • Take the two circles and form one on the other using chocolate glue.
  • Now cover the lens in glue and wrap it with fondant.
  • Then make a small hole in the fondant and make a circular incision at the edge.
  • Now prepare a small dome on the camera top and this will act as a glass on the lens.
  • Paint lens also in black color and place the cupola and paint it silver.
  • Now, flat out a long stretch of fondant and thale it. That we will use for lens grip.
  • Wrap the grip around the lens and paint it with black color.
  • And then keep that lens aside.

Step 8: Now Add Detail Part Now after completion of the body part and lens part, we need to prepare the small details that will be on the camera. We need to use fondant for these small details.

  • Prepare a shutter release, hot shoe, top LCD, thumb roller, flash assist, wheel, and selection.
  • If you know any other details you need you can do it.
  • Add all these details to the lens part and the body part using royal icing.

Step 9: Organize the Lens on the Body Part Now after completion of detailing we need to place that lens on the body part that we prepared earlier.

  • place the toothpick inside the cake in the body part.
  • Now you can place the lens on the picks.
  • Now you are done.
  • Your camera cake is ready to eat.

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FAQs on Simple Camera Cake Design

1. What are the tools that are used to prepare a camera cake?

We are going to provide you with the tools that are used for the camera cake.

  • Fondant tools
  • Roller
  • Knife
  • 20cm X 28cm baking pan
2. What is the best site to prepare a camera cake?

Online stem degrees.Com is the best website for the camera cake recipe.

3. Do you need dark chocolate for preparing the camera cake?

Yes, of course, it will be one of the main ingredients to prepare the camera cake.


Hope that the recipe we have provided for the camera cake will be useful for you. Still, if you have any doubts you can comment to us in the comment section. And you can also comment on the cake recipe you need we will try to add that to our website. Stay connected with our website Onlinestemdegrees.Com for more interesting updates and check out many cake ideas like batman cake ideas, and cow cake ideas that we have on our site.